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The idea of ​​establishing the company Ocean Investment for developmentand real estate investment basedon a logical view provides an appropriate investment climate as well as other factors helped to launch,including the future visionand continuous development andinvestor confidence and these factors have been the cornerstoneand the hallmark of the company's march since its inception.

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Market segment for the purpose of defining the economic climate of the World Trade Organization Opportunities for the advancement of the membership of the global economic community The Company has not yet approved the approval of the RAPCO Board of Directors It is important to keep the network organized and to take care of the commercial activities

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The investment environment offers a variety of services that meet all the requirements of the real estate market and through a team that has the best in dealing with all stages of development. These services are provided on scientific basis, including preliminary studies to assess the feasibility of projects..

Property Management

Leasing service - Collection service - Maintenance service

investment services

Safe Investment Environment - Professional Market Study

marketing Service

Our marketing team offers it professionally

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The investment environment offers a variety of projects that meet all the requirements of the real estate market through an integrated and advanced environment. You can choose your project from here

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